Here are some answers to questions we are often asked by our customers who are looking to build steel framed custom homes. If your question is not answered here, Contact Us.

Why don’t you have any plans?

Freedom Homes are primarily custom home builders, we focus on designing a home that is 100% perfect for you.

There are a few designs on our website, purely to assist you with some ideas. It is rare to have a client build a design without changing and improving a plan to suit themselves, so we decided from the outset to custom design and build each home.

Our design team can design an amazing home for you regardless, to not just suit your land, but also lifestyle and budget.

Can you build my design/plan?

We can build a home based on a design you have drawn yourself (a custom home). Our professional experience is at hand to help you with your design if you need it.

What areas do you cover?

Freedom Homes is based in Tomago, near Newcastle. Generally the homes we build are within two hours drive, but we may build outside this area depending on the circumstance.

How long does it take?

Should you choose to have us supply your custom home as a kit, and you are operating as an owner/builder, you control the process.

When we build a complete home for you, the time depends on a Housing Industry Association Building Agreement. The agreement defines a contract period of usually 26 working weeks.



How much do your homes cost?

Because we are customising your home, we can design a home to suit your budget. Please contact us for a cost estimate.

Can I build the home myself?

Yes, if you choose to complete a course as an owner builder and satisfy the legal requirements. You need to contact your local council and Department of Fair Trading to ascertain your obligations.

Alternatively, Freedom Homes can build your house to lock up for you.

Can I pick the tradesperson?

When we do a custom build, we choose the tradespeople, however, if you know someone that you would like to use for a particular job, please discuss this with our Building Consultant who will advise you about this.

Can you recommend a tradesperson?

Should you purchase a Kit from us, we are happy to recommend any trades you require.

Do you use trade-qualified subcontractors?

Yes. All our tradespersons are fully licensed, qualified and insured.

Do you have a warranty/guarantee?

Various components of a house whether it be built by yourself, a builder, or Freedom Homes comes with a manufacturers warranty.

Houses that are built to completion by Freedom Homes come with a Home Owners Warranty. Warranties can become null and void if not installed to manufacturers specifications.

As an Owner Builder, what insurance do I need?

There are three types of insurance which are essential and are considered as normal building contract expenses: All Risks, Public Liability, and Worker’s Compensation. You may also need other insurances depending on your home finance lender. Please check with your lender and your local council and/or government to make sure you are fully covered.

Do I need a council application?

Yes. You submit the application if you are building your own home, otherwise we do all applications if we build the home.

What styles do you offer?

With a Custom Home, you can have any style you want. At Freedom Homes, it’s your choice!

Do you build on sloping sites?

Yes. Freedom Homes are fully experienced in designing and building homes on sloping sites.

Do you build on bearers and joists?

Yes. We build on bearers and joists on either flat or sloping blocks.

What materials do you use for your Frames and Trusses?

Freedom Homes uses high strength 1.2mm steel frame for all walls with the external wall top plates made from 1.5mm steel.

Our trusses are lightweight steel, engineer designed and generally do not require crane hire.

What roofing materials do you use?

The majority of our homes are built with a colorbond roof.

At an additional cost we use concrete or terracotta tiles if requested.

What is the largest single span you can build?

We can build spans of up to 15 metres with our lightweight trusses, however, over this span, design requirements may change.

Do you build two-storey homes?

Yes, whether the site is flat or sloping.

Do you offer house & land packages?

As has been the tradition for the last 10+ years, 99% of the House and Land packages you see advertised are not homes already built, waiting for you to buy and move straight in. These advertisements are just promotions for the builder to attract you to contact them, and most are not a complete package, like purchasing a 2nd hand home through a real estate agent is. These adverts also assist the developer sell their land, because it gives the buyer an example to see what house fits on that block.

Just like the other builders, we can also provide a package on your desired land. Most of our clients come to us from word of mouth referrals, via our customers or suppliers who are happy to recommend us because they know their contact will get fantastic service with Freedom Homes.

Yes, we can place advertisements on real estate websites too, but that would just increase our costs.

You may see our signs from time to time on parcels of land where we have been asked to assist the seller of the land. We place these advertisements on our website not real estate ones.

If you have some land you are considering, talk with us to see what design would suit your land because more often than not, you will be amending a builders standard plan anyway to suit you and the land.

As stated elsewhere, our unique processes keeps us competitive with other quality focused builders.

We have been observing an increasing trend of late. More and more new builders are starting up in the area. Because they are brand new and untested in regards to customer service and building processes, more and more are actually purchasing the land, meaning if you want to build on that block, you have to build with them.

That’s OK, provided they don’t stretch their budgets too much.

TIP: There is no free lunch in Australia, just so you know from an educational point of view, in regard to the 5% deposit with no more payments until handover packages – on the surface you get the impression that you pay no interest on the progress payments. What really happens is the interest that normally is paid by clients as the home progresses is added to your build price, reducing the money available for your upgrades. Banks and financiers who back these packages operate the same way in all industries.

What is the HIA?

We are a proud member of the Housing Industry Association. Visit for further information.

What is a HIA (Housing Industry Association) Building Agreement?

The Housing Industry Association Plain English Building Agreement is a contract that outlines the conditions of the construction of your home.

What is the difference between a Prime Cost (PC) amount and a Provisional amount?

Prime Cost Item is an item (e.g. fixtures or fitting) that has not been selected, or whose price is not known at the time a domestic building contact is entered into.

Provisional Amount is an estimate of the cost of carrying out particular work (including the cost of supplying materials for the work) for which the builder cannot give a definite amount at the time the contract is entered into.